Govind Biswas : A Painter with A Versatile Vision   by Devesh Varma

Govind Biswas hails from Vadodara (Gujarat. He is most innovative and creative painter who has is own say in the field of painting and his concern towards social subjects as development and environment. His works can be designated modern having an insight of Ritualistic Society. He developed his own   thoughts through Years of immature learning converted into matured insight. He is always wandering in space created by himself and asking humbly about space for himself. He is a concerned Artist.Concerned about his own living, yet his concern is about humanity   He thinks about deteriorating environment. Here also he is worried about the global environment.

Govind’s   approach is clearly be felt in his works. His silent cry can he heard in hearts of viewers. His simple question about his space takes viewers to the Global (For that Viewers are required to be sensitive) space where greed has divided people into their ownness. He is worried about the universal Space. His worries are about global environment. He expresses all his worries in painting. Famous Painter Van Gough once said that Future painter will be of colors. Unconsciously Govind proves to be a member of the same Family.