(B-16-12- 1982,AMBIKAPUR ,INDIA)

 2005-09         BFA (painting) Faculty of fine art,
                        Baroda 2009 (optional ceramic)
 2011-12         MFA (Painting) faculty of fine arts, 2012
                         BARODA, MSU.


  2012    The Pollock Krasner foundation grant award fellowship, USA 2012


 I AM THE MAGIC HAND” This group show curated by me in msu,baroda 18th Artist all over India.

   Tarq” a group show 2st time in Baroda with 3 painters and 2 sculptors.


 “KISSLIYE” a group exhibition, curetted in faculty of fine arts Baroda

   With Artist Akhilesh, Manish Pushakle, Yogendra Tripathi, Smriti

   Dixit, Nitish Bhattacharya and 13 other Indian artist.   


 “Coherent Spaces” Group show at Jahangir art gallery, was curetted

   With five artists.


 “VISHWAS” a group exhibition was organized in Nehru art center Bhilai

   With 5 artist they exhibit there works.



 2013      Inner journeys, Devlalikar kala vithika, INDORE(Sported by The Pollack Krasner Foundation). 

 2012     Solo show in lalit kala academy New Delhi.

 2010     Solo show in alliance France, Bhopal.

 2010     Solo show in Deolalikar art gallery, Indore.


2017   ART 35,Ninefish art gallery,Mumbai.

2016  “I am the magic hand” a Group show ,faculty of fine arts,msu,Baroda(Sported by The Pollack Krasner Foundation).


2016  ”Confluence” a group exhibition, Canarys art gallery,Indore.


2016   RANG AMEER , Pritamlal dua art gallery,Indore.


2015  TARQ  Faculty of fine arts, Baroda(Sported by The Pollack Krasner Foundation).
2015  Revisiting the city” art houz, Bangalore. 
2015  “KISSLIYE” A group shows at Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda(Sported by The Pollack Krasner Foundation).
2015  “Coherent Spaces” a Group shows at Jahangir art gallery, Mumbai.
2015   Chirtasangam, Ujwal art gallery,vagator,Goa.
2015  “Vishwas” a group show, Nehru art gallery , Bhilai.

2014     Daejeon international art show, south korea.

 2014     Asian art show IFACS, New Delhi.

 2014     Group show “Art Mart” khajuraho dance Festival, Khajuraho.

 2014     Banyan art show,sarjan art gallery ,Baroda.

 2013     Group show in red earth gallery, Baroda.

 2013     Group show by sheemisha art, FOFA, Baroda.

 2012     Group show aysaaf gallery LVS in South Korea.

 2012     Group show sheemisha art show, Baroda.

 2012     Group show by sheemisha art, Ahmadabad.

 2012     Group show by art nexxt, lalit kala academy, New Delhi.

 2011     Group show in MEC art gallery, New Delhi.

 2011     Group show in Bhavnagar.

 2011     Group show, faculty of fine arts, Baroda.

 2011     VCCI, Group show, Baroda.  

 2010     Group show, ABS Gallery, Baroda.

 2009     Group show, Daira art gallery, Hyderabad.

 2009     State  lalit kala, Ahmadabad.

 2009     All India state exhibitions, Lukhnow.

 2009     State exhibition, Ahmadabad.
 2008     Biennale art exhibition, Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal.

 2007     Group show, Ravishankar raval bhavan, Ahmadabad. 

 2007     Group show, Indian habitat center, MECArt gallery,new Delhi .

 2006     Group show ,polka art gallery, Delhi.



2016 NH7 WEEKENDER, SHILLONG, its a music festival. I was working with oml

   As a décor and design  live production.

2016 EDCINDIA 2016(Electric Daisy Carnival) I was working as a décor

  And design aria manager, circuit and neon garden aria.

2016 NH7 WEEKENDER , PUNE  in this festival I was work experience  as a pre

   Event Production shoot and  décor.


 2002      Painting workshop, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal.
                Ceramic workshop, patidar studio, Indore.
                 Painting workshop, Bhimbleshwar.

 2003      Painting workshop, Mandu.
           Ceramic workshop, bharat bhawan Bhopal.

 2004      Kalavart painting workshop, Ujjain.

 2006      Lalit kala academy, Ahmadabad.

 2008      Painting camp, Mount Abu.

 2009      Painting workshop “art trip” Mandau.

 2013      Painting workshop, Halol


 GIFA  Indore, Private collection in Bhopal, New Delhi,  Kolkata, Bharat Bhawan museum, Bhopal,Baroda,  Australia, 
 Mumbai, USA etc

 Now working in mumbai