Govind Biswas

(b,1982 ,Ambikapur,India: currently live in MUMBAI,INDIA)

Founder of Barodian Artmatez

Graduate(BVA)2009 and post Graduate (MVA) in Painting from MS University 2012.

The Pollock Krasner foundation grant award fellowship 2012,New York.

My works are oriented to explore the natural phenomena and its impact on physical environment. The relationship between growth and transformation of Nature, and the complex structures of the same are the factors which  my practice.

The symbolic elements that we come across in our day-to-day life such as ‘brand Logos’ suggest some kind of direction,time, volume and scale. My earlier works were based on this idea of time and space. They also consists various textual qualities and provide possibility to read them in multiple ways.
Space could be defined through numerous visual elements as well as illusion approaches. In my work I am trying to represent it by using the maps which also shows directions. Maps may show real or imaginary spaces both. They can be dynamic, interactive and of two or three dimensional at the same time. Basically maps are visual representation of areas or land. I am focusing on the land because I found myself very much connected with it as my family disputes took place because of a land issue. My family has been faced re-habitation during the separation of Bangladesh. Hence, space is very important in my work.
Culture and society plays an important parting formulation of our mind, especially when we learn a language whether literal or visual. Some of my works represent real, physical space which exist s; but some of them give a new vocabulary to the same. Most of my new works are related to a very personal space and incidents. They reflect various issues which I am dealing with.
I use forms as a language which are generally inspired from nature and my surroundings. The viewer can not only recognize the source of its formulation but also can easily connect himself/herself with it.
 Space is important to me, in my paintings and in my life.